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Re: .1uF capacitors

CADR8 had almost none. that has been fixed. in the process i stripped CADR9 of the
few it held and stole the extra row from a random board in 936, but i STILL had
to use about 20 of the losing square .1uF caps instead of the more winning small
.1uFs, because we are out of them.
so:CADR8 now has the correct complement of power-to-ground caps
CADR9 has none at all.
we have none at all for stuffing. would whoever does such things please order and
expidite arrival of more? we use 30/board just for noise reduction, and usually

also where did the random board on the top of the pile in 936 come from? it is not
labelled at all, but appears to be an IOB. can anyone identify it?

also, is it ridiculous to suggest that 936 be kept in a style such that it becoms a 
pigsty less rapidly?