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    RWK,TAFT@MIT-AI (Sent by RWK@MIT-AI) 09/08/79 05:37:11
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI, RWK at MIT-MC
    CC: TAFT at MIT-AI
    In system 18.3a, select the trace window with the mouse.
    While the window is active, select the layout menu, and save the layout
    under some name.  When you exit the layout menu, you will be in a strange
    state, with STOP on the wholine.  You can select some other window, but
    re-entering the trace-popup-menu with the mouse you are again in STOP mode.
    The blinker for the menue remains blinking.
This is because the code doesn't expect you to go into a momentary menu
while still executing a command from a momentary menu (it reuses a process).
I doubt this will get fixed in the present window system since it's so wierd
(even if this was fixed I don't think it would work to save the trace window
in a layout and call it back later).