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please do not cut my listings up!
some one or some people have been cutting pieces of off (thank god, blank ends)
of my eco and inventory listings. there is no need for you to do this, and also
you're cutting the listsings up. please stop. 
on TOP of the desk you've been taking the listings out of to cut pieces off, are
piles of SCRAP PAPER. the piles is on the left end of the desk, and generally is
covered by a few boards that need ecos or other help, but it's there. there's lots
of this scrap paper, and you're welcome to use it in any way you please (if you keep
cutting the listings up i will be tempted to suggest uses) -- please leave my listings
alone. they are (obviously) xgped; i don't like to recreate stuff via xgp unless
i have to (not so much from the hassle, which isn't much, but from the principle of
not wasting print when i don't need too), and reprinting something that hasn't changed, but has been vandalized seems to me a waste of resources.
please, use the scrp paper; leave my listings alone.