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Re: Scroll bar at the right

I've heard the idea and it may decrease the annoyance factor quite a bit.
Before trying it we should see if the changes I put in in system 17
to make the scroll bar not pop up as often work, since putting
it on the right would move the problem to a place where it would still
happen but less often.

Going into the scroll-bar wouldn't be nearly as bad if it didn't
impose this long real-time delay while the big frob pops up.  Perhaps we
should go back to having just a change of shape of the blinker.  Or,
the scroll bar could be made only 1 or 2 dots wide and always be there
just to the left of the outline of any scrollable window.  This wouldn't
decrease the width in characters of an editor buffer.  I'm not sure
but probably the black blotch in the scroll bar would best not be there
except when the mouse was in it.