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    MOON@MIT-MC 08/04/79 18:09:51
        cwh@MIT-AI 08/04/79 15:17:49
        To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
        The instance variables of such widely used classes as WINDOW-CLASS and
        WINDOW-WITH-PC-PPR-CLASS should be interned on GLOBAL.


The reason for doing this is to have a consistent naming scheme for instance
variables when defining methods.  If one is defining methods for a subclass
of WINDOW-CLASS, then one must remember that NAME, SCREEN, LEFT, ... are on
GLOBAL, and PROCESS, FRAME, and BIT-SAVE-ARRAY are on SI.  Alternately, one
can simply say SI:NAME, etc. for all of the instance variables inherited\n from WINDOW-CLASS, but then one must distinguish between those variables
inherited and those specific to the new class being defined.  I am assuming,
of course, that the new class is being defined in a package other than SI.

I think the solution RMS proposed of putting all instance variables on the
keyword package is a reasonable one.  Besides, this would make our message
passing code look more like LOGO!