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Two more bugs with DEFSTRUCT and related functions.

[1] When the named-structure option is given along with the :array option,
the first slot name given maps onto the same location as the named-structure
symbol location, rather than being put into the next location.  I assume that
this is a bug, but if not, it sure seems silly to have to put in a filler slot
for the named-structure symbol yourself in each such defstruct.

[2] The default action of DESCRIBE on named structures takes no note of multiply
named slots, so if you have a slot with several synonyms, the slot value is printed
out for each one, rather than some more pleasing notation which prints the first
name once, the value, and then lists the synonyms beneath.  I realized that there
are problems when the multiple definitions are actually overlapping byte specs, etc,
but the simple case (perhaps I'm the only one who uses it) of giving abbreviations
for long slot names ought to get special treatment.  This isn't a pressing problem,
but I thought I would mention it anyway.