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I'm sick of people commenting out code that I wrote because
of some totally confused idea of how it is supposed to work,
and not telling me.  RG just commented out a use of local
declare in QFCTNS because "local-declare isn't loaded at
cold load time".  This is totally silly - macros are expanded
at compile time.  Now, maybe there really was a problem.
But who knows what it was?  Who knows what else it will effect?
The only way to find out is to investigate it.  But by commenting it
out and not bothering to tell me, he made sure that it would not
get investigated and nobody would ever know what the real problem was.
I only stumbled on it by accident.

Doing this sabotages my attempt to find the real bugs, and also
defames my name, as one person after another programs around a bug,
insures that it will bite someone else by not telling me about it,
and then says "Damn Stallman" when he really ought to blame the previous
person who didn't bother to tell me.