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1. It would be convenient if QSEND, etc. allowed "CADR-x" as well as "CADRx"
   to denote the user's location (e.g., (QSEND AGRE@CADR1 "foo bar")).  Note
   that on the TV ESC-F description of the world, the jobnam of someone on
   a Lisp Machine is CADR-x.

2. When one does a Meta-X Query Replace or such, ZWEI prompts for arguments
   by creating a small box at the bottom of the screen, with the argument
   terminated by a carriage-return.  This prevents one from using carriage
   returns in these arguments, or so it would seem.  Is there some way to
   escape characters in these strings?  If not, maybe the termination
   character could be changed to something like altmode?

3. How does one get a list of all enabled processes, i.e., a list of all
   processes the scheduler knows about?