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Re: the disk errors on Cadr-3 yesterday.
In both cases, the error message read:
disk read error unit 0 cyl 1 surf 17. sec 3 (or whatever)
status internal-parity-error (read-compare-difference)

Re: the editor becoming wedged.  I did try to find someone around
to look at it the first time it happened.  Unfortunately, I had no luck,
so simply cold booted the machine and tryed again.

Re: the fact that my message(s) of yesterday sounded very annoyed.
My apologies for this fact.  It probably had something to do with the
fact that I had tryed for 1.5 hours to load in my stereo program, plus
some image files, and had been defeated in five different ways.  However,
that is no excuse for sending nasty messages, and I apologize again