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cc: NIL at MIT-MC

    Date: 22 June 1979 03:57-EDT
    From: Richard M. Stallman <RMS at MIT-AI>
    To:   INFO-LISPM at MIT-AI

    Do you think it would be useful to have a function like = for numbers
    but like EQ for non-numbers?
    Do you think it would be good to make = do this?
    If not, what should it be called?
    Interlisp calls it EQP, which I think is uninspired.
I think it would be worthwhile to have such a function, but I don't think it
should be called =, since that would be a gratuitous incompatibility with
MACLISP, and not really suggested by the name = anyway.  How about EQL, sort of
half-way between EQ and EQUAL?