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A new function EH has been written which runs the error
handler looking at a specified stack group.
Pass it a stack group, a process, or anything that accepts
the message :PROCESS and returns a process.
You can't throw or return but you can eval things.
C-Z will return from the call to EH not affecting the
stack group being examined.
If you supply a process (directly or indirectly)
then it is arrested while you are looking at it.

Also, there are some new analysis functions:
EH-ARG-NAME and EH-LOCAL-NAME can be used to get the
name of the n'th arg or local of a function.
They know all imaginable ways to come up with the answer.
EH-NUMBER-OF-SPREAD-ARGS takes an SG and frame offset
and returns how many spread args the frame has.
EH-ARG-VALUE returns the value in a given sg and frame
of the n'th spread arg, and whether it exists.
EH-REST-ARG-VALUE returns the value of the rest arg
and whether it exists.  These last three are intended
to know about all funny sorts of frames, including
those causing wrong-number-of-arguments errors, and return
intelligent and mutually consistent values.