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Re: More problems with screen

When there are compilation errors while compiling a buffer, the error messages
are thrown up on a (nearly) blank screen.  Then as soon as the compilation
is doen these are bit-blitted away so that you never have more than ten seconds
to look at your compilation errors.  Then, peculiarity of peculiarities, when
you re-enter the editor these errors are displayed AGAIN for a few seconds before the
original editor buffer is bittled in.  Why are these messages put on a screen
of their own?  It is not possible to view this "universe between" for long enough
to read the words "While compiling...", much less understand the errors.

It's clear that a lot of this bittling was not clearly thought out before it
was implemented.  I'm sure the errors should go on the editor's screen: that way
you could look at errors and code simultaneously.  But if that were done then
(as things are now) they would be permanently emblazoned on your editor screen,
until you could convince the editor to do a redisplay.  This is getting harder lately.
For example, <form> doesn't redisplay, it just bittles.