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Re: Keyboards and editors

In case anyone has trouble trying to think of editor commands
to put on all those wonderful Greek keys: it has often annoyed me
that there are a couple of categories of text objects whichh have
not been made orthogonal combinations of bucky bits, but only
stuck in hodge-podgely: namely lines and paragraphs.  One might
note that within each bucky-bit set there are, in general, twoo
kinds of objects accomodated: chars/lines, words/sentences,
and sexps/lists.  Pages, paragraphs, and defuns are also accommodated
respectively in some cases.  Unfortunately, there is only
marginal consistency:  C-D/C-K deletes chars/lines,
M-D/M-K both kill words; C-M-D doesn't delete at all, etc.
Also, it's too bad one can't easily uppercase a paragraph
oor a defun.
Maybe I'm being too fussy, for most of these operations can
be done with a few extra keystrokes.  But anyway, the advent of
an additional bucky bit or two (double double bucky!...) may
give us an opportunity too stand back and reflect on the possibilities.
There may also be room too accommodate some of the more winning
commands in SAIL's editor... [End of flamage]