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Re: omissions

    I don't recall seeing anywhere in the manual any discussion of the
    difference between using || and slashification.
That's because there isn't any; the wording on page 157 ("You can also
enclose the name...") is intended to mean this.

    A description of how to add your own # characters for the reader and
    ~ codes for format should really be in there.  I don't know how to
    do it, and it can't be THAT awful.

    I hope the next edition will contain at least some of the omitted
    sections, like readtables, a better discussion of the display I/O
    system, the stepper, etc.  (This list is not in priority order.)

Readtables and reader macros actually could not be changed easily at
the time the manual went into print, so there was no way to include
that.  The stepper is documented on page 255, unless somebody has
written a new stepper that I don't know about.  For FORMAT extensions
page 87 tells you to "read the code" because we were not sure how
permanent this was and it didn't seem worth documenting at the time.
The display system is undergoing total redesign at present and it is
being documented by ACW, I think.  The next edition ought to fix all
of this.