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Here are a few bugs I found in reading the Lisp Machine Manual.  All but one
are minor typos.

First the typos:
pp. 74-75: "minumum" should be "minimum" in several places
p. 104: "envorinment" should be "environment"
p. 167: "availible" should be "available"
p. 184: "rememberes" should be "remembers"

Now the glitch:
on pp. 41-42, it is claimed that the LM nthcdr function is the same as the
Interlisp nth function.  It is not.  nthcdr is 0-origin, while nth is 1-origin.
In Interlisp, (nth x 1) = x, while (nth x 0) = (cons nil x).  That's just how
it is -- don't blame me.