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Lisp Machine


        I  sent  a  message  off  to  Baker  asking him about the
availability of your lisp machine to outside sources and received
no  response.   So  now  I will try you.  I am a consultant for a
company which is doing some  AI  work.   They  would  rather  buy
hardware  rather  than  a  100k or so of computer time on a local
computer firm here.

        Your lisp machine seemed like the obvious choice and  was
wondering if we can buy several of them.  If they are available I
will need to  know  such  things  as  purchase  price,  available
options  and their corresponding prices, delivery date if ordered
immediately, what we can do  about  maintance,  can  something  be
arranged  so  that  they don't have to be boot from a PDP-10.  We
would like the two machines operate stand-alone and with the  two
machines  only  connected  via  a  9600  baud  modem line.  These
machines will be located at the researchers' house.