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In zwei in System 210.101, ZMail 45.3, Remote-File 103.0,
Local-File 103.0, DAEDALUS 45.2, microcode 895, site configuration 11,
Large Files, on Lisp Machine Eight:

When you do M-. with the cursor in the middle of a #'-ified function
name, as in (mapc #'block-parallelism-analysis blocks), that should be
the default function to edit, rather than DEFUN or MAPC or whatever.

Also, I have been having intermittent problems with using the mouse to
point at #'-ified function names with M-.  Zwei draws a box around the
name properly, but click-left just moves the cursor whereever the mouse
is and takes the box away.  This phenomenon doesn't occur invariably and
I can't figure out what laws govern it.