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In ZWEI in Remote-File 10.0, LMFILE-Remote 17.1, MIT-Specific 9.0,
System 86.36, ZMail 45.1, microcode 123, Saver, on Lisp Machine Nine:

With AI:LMLIB;FILCOM loaded, making a split screen with
Lisp(Edit) and Edit windows gets an error in ZWEI:COMMAND-HOOK --
doing a > on NIL.  It is cdr'ing down the value of
ZWEI:*POST-COMMAND-HOOK*, comparing priorities


and it comes to the last one, ZWEI:STREAM-COMMAND-HOOK, which has
no property ZWEI:COMMAND-HOOK-PRIORITY.  The GET returns NIL and
> therefore loses.  I therefore think this is a Zwei bug --
ZWEI:STREAM-COMMAND-HOOK should have the priority property, or
maybe the > should only be done on numeric priorities, if NIL is
to be allowed -- that might be better, anyway, in case someone
doesn't define a priority when they define the mode?