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Being clever about sending mail

    Date: 14 June 1982 10:40-EDT
    From: Charles Rich <RICH at MIT-MC>

    In System 79.52, ZMail 40.7, Remote-File 2.0, LMFILE-Remote 5.3,
    Obsolete Tester 23.7, Reasoning Utility Package 1.0,
    Experimental Plan Calculus 2.4, microcode 849, 79.49 PC 2.4, on Lisp Machine Twenty-two:

    ...  It would be nice if the mailing
    code were written a little more cleverly, e.g. to try sequence
    through entries on ZWEI:*CHAOS-MAIL-HOSTS* until it finds one
    that is up.
I thought that's what it did.