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    Date: 4 June 1982 00:31-EDT
    From: James M. Turner <JMTURN at MIT-AI>
    I need two "easy" features explained. First, if I want a 
    editor which acts as a pane in a larger frame, but can be
    controled (buffer selection, interval setting, mode setting)
    from a process outside the editor process, what should I use.
If you want a ZMACS window, you are out of luck dealing with it in another process.
If you just want an editor, i think STANDALONE-EDITOR-PANE is the flavor of choice.

    Secondly, how can I interchange the contents of a node
    without creating a new buffer. Right now, I'm using
    but that seems to cause breakages...
The interval of a ZMACS window has to be a ZMACS interval, i.e. a buffer.
You don't have to have that buffer listed by C-X C-B, but a vanilla interval
is not enough.