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In zwei in Experimental Remote-File 10.0,
Experimental LMFILE-Remote 17.1, Experimental MIT-Specific 9.0,
Experimental System 86.18, Experimental ZMail 45.0, microcode 123, gc@18, on Lisp Machine Six:

When you do M-. on a symbol with multiple definitions, it says to give a
numeric argument to Edit Definition to look at the next one.  If M-. is bound
to Edit Definition it should tell you somehow that a numeric argument to M-.
works just as well.  I was used to using C-. to find the next definition, and
I became confused when C-. wouldn't work.  (It blows up trying to do ZEROP on
NIL when you try it in this situation, which it probably shouldn't do.)
Explicitly telling folks about M-. being the thing to use to get the next
definition (implicitly: "as opposed to C-. like it used to be") will spare
others this confusion.