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C-X 4 T

In ZWEI in Remote-File 7.0, LMFILE-Remote 15.2, MIT-Specific 7.0,
System 85.38, ZMail 44.3, microcode 117, 60.45Hz, on Lisp Machine Four:

I have two windows and I type C-X 4 T.  The minibuffer asks for
the function name, and I type some method form, e.g. "(pfw
:redisplay)".  As soon as I type the ")", the whole thing has
uppercased itself, so clearly it really has completed to some
function it knows about.  (Anyway, this happens to all method
forms I type.)  I finish off by typing End.  After the normal
pause, it asks me what file to read (PFW :REDISPLAY) from --
wrong!  This file is already in Zwei, as the completion showed.

Using C-X O and then M-Period, and typing the exact same function
spec, works correctly.  Also note that if I type a simple
function name, e.g. "FOO", not a method spec, C-X 4 T works
correctly and finds it without asking me anything.