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Changing numeric arg c-X O

    Date: Saturday, 24 April 1982  12:03-EST
    From: MOON at SCRC-TENEX
    To:   David Chapman <Zvona at MIT-AI>
    Cc:   bug-zwei at MIT-AI
    Subject: Changing numeric arg c-X O

	Date: Friday, 23 April 1982, 22:44-EST
	From: David Chapman <Zvona at MIT-AI>
	To: bug-zwei at MIT-AI

	what about making it so that a numeric arg to c-X o
	selects the numeric-argth window from the top, rather
	than doing numeric-arg c-X o rotations?
    This would be all right with me; it's different from c-m-L and
    t-S since all the alternatives are visible.  What should it do
    in the case where you are currently in 1-window mode, i.e. all
    the alternatives are not visible?
I have always found it bizzare that c-X o does anything when you
are in 1-window mode.  I think it should never select anything
that is not visible.  You should have to explicitly use c-X 2 or
Split Screen for that.