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Incorrect paren-flashing

    Date: 04/22/82 01:48:29

    When I attempted to edit the file AI:.MAIL.;NAMES 6919 and update the
    mailing list INFO-LISPM-MIT, if I put the cursor at the end of the
    mailing list, ZWEI flashed the wrong paren.  (It was off by one.)
This is because the syntax rules for .MAIL.; NAMES > files are not the
same as for LISP files.  Notice that there's a ([FOO;FOO BAZ]) type
entry.  Note the semicolon.  By LISP rules, the ")" is part of a
comment, and thus should be ignored.  It does not understand that.
[FOO;FOO BAZ] is a single entity.  No other editor knows this about NAMES >