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zwei/window system bombed

In NWS in System 204.48, ZMail 42.7, microcode 865, 60Hz, on Lisp Machine Eleven:

^^^^^Don't know if all of this is true:   I was using lispm 13 and can't get anything
     to come up, so I'm sending this bug from another lispm while I still have 13's
     screen and error messages in front of me...

I was editing some word abbrevs while in text fill abbrev mode when all of a sudden
I got a message about something like "zwei can't manage its windows"  (there was
essentially no text in my main buffer).  I did a SYSTEM PEEK W to find out where
the hell I was, got the Screen Color and Screen Main Screen lines, a nd then:
Trap 6605 (subscript-oop m-q m-s)
The subscript, 10, was greater than the length, 10, of AR-1
While in the function (method:zwei-zmacs-window name-for-selection)  (method:tv-basic-frame
name-for-selection)  (method:tv-sheet print-self)

I then tried to SYSTEM-E to find out what the error message was and got the
window systems fuckups, using cold stream message.

Hitting ABORT, in another attempt to go back to ZWEI, caused the sucker to die.