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In zwei in System 79.23, ZMail 40.7, Remote-File 2.0, LMFILE-Remote 5.3,
microcode 849, on Lisp Machine Eight:

If you put (defun foo (x) 1) into an editor buffer, do C-T-E over it, then
mouse-click-right and select Compile Defun, then (grindef foo) will say
(defun foo (x) 1).  However, if you then go back into the editor and change
the 1 to a 2 so as to get (defun foo (x) 2) and mouse-click-right and select
Compile Defun, doing (grindef foo) will still say (defun foo (x) 1).  This
is a bug in that grindef describes a definition different from the actual
definition.  Whether you redefine a function using the interpreter or the
compiler should have no effect on functions that tell you about the nature
of the current definition.