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[no subject]

In ZWEI in Experimental System 204.5, Experimental ZMail 42.0,
Experimental LMFS 23.4, Experimental Tape 8.0,
Experimental Symbolics 10.0, Experimental Canon 12.0, microcode 865, on Boxer:

I'm not sure how to describe this.  BSG thinks it is a bug.  I had typed
in something that had parens and the cursor was sitting after the close
paren.  Then I did an Apropos and then immediately did SYSTEM M to send
some mail.  When I came back to the editor, the typeout was still on the
screen (that's OK), the cursor was back to where it would have been if
the typeout hadn't been there (unsure whether that's OK) and the
matching open paren was blinking away in the midst of the typeout (sure
that is not OK).  

Maybe someone can take some time to talk to me about what windows are
involved in this and whether I ought to regard it as a bug or not.