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Commands redefining keys

    Date: Thursday, 18 February 1982, 22:22-EST
    From: David L. Andre <DLA at SCRC-TENEX>

	Date: Wednesday, 17 February 1982, 20:42-EST
	From: David E. Goldfarb <DEG at SCRC-TENEX>

	  I object to the fact that com-list-callers takes the liberty of
	defining c-. for its own purposes.  I already use that key and don't
	like having it pulled away from me.

    Maybe it should be documented somewhere that everything redefines c-.

That is not really my point.  I find c-. a convenient key for my own
uses.  No key should be completed hardwired to any functionality; if it
is desirable to have a general iteration key, that key should be
selected by some global (and user-redefinable) variable, and not
restricted to be only c-..
				- David