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Commands redefining keys

In ZWEI in Experimental System 202.25, ZMail 40.7, Experimental Tape 7.0,
Experimental LMFS 22.14, Experimental Symbolics 9.3,
Experimental Canon 10.3, microcode 858, on Retriever:

  I object to the fact that com-list-callers takes the liberty of
defining c-. for its own purposes.  I already use that key and don't
like having it pulled away from me.

  The nice thing about zwei/emacs in general is that it allows users to
shift the commands around however they so choose.  No command should
EVER be hardwired to define a key; it should at least check a global
variable to see what key to use so the user can change the default if it
so pleases him.

				- David