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NIL in modeline

    Date: 29 January 1982 01:41-EST
    From: Carl Richard Feynman <CARLF at MIT-AI>
    To: BUG-ZWEI at MIT-AI

    In System 78.51, ZMail 38.5, Local-File 32.12, Experimental DAEDALUS 29.5, microcode 843, on Lisp Machine Two:

    Typing the sequence Help A ctl-H ctl-9 results in a state where typeout does not appear.
    One way to get out is to type System L.
					    -- Carl
Another way to get out is just to mouse-select the main editor window.
I haven't checked, but I would guess that the APROPOS minibuffer is
selected, but covered by the typeout from the error message.