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Buffer listings and Save All Files

In ZWEI in System 78.50, ... on Lisp Machine Twenty-two:

M-X Save All Files should first ask all the questions it's 
going to ask, then save the files, so the user is free to go away
for a while if it's going to take a long time. Either that, or
some other similar command should be supplied (maybe C-U M-X Save All Files)
could do this? 

It is not sufficient to have C-X C-B's mouse frob allow me to do this
because the mouse thing has the following misfeatures making it undesirable:

  * It is inexact. No feedback is given about which thing has been pointed at
    when it prompts for Save/Kill/... etc.

  * It does not confirm that you have moused the correct item of Save/Kill/etc.
    that you want.

  * It does not update the buffer listing to remove the * beside files that
    it has saved.

  * It does not mark buffers you have already submitted requests for, so you
    may end up trying to save a file redundantly, or you may accidentally miss
    marking one you meant to mark.

The menu also has the strange feature that if you mouse right and kill a buffer
and then mouse right to select it, it will get selected in spite of being
supposedly dead. After leaving this dead buffer, C-M-L will still reselect it
even though it is not in the buffer listing. This leads me to believe that dead 
buffers still live somewhere in core ... If this is so and the storage they take
up really is not being recycled, perhaps there should be a list of dead buffers
and an Un-Kill Buffer command for cases where mistakes have been made and buffers
killed by accident.