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[no subject]

it ought to be easier to open a ztop window directly, like lisp listeners?

also, if you're at the
end of the buffer and in the error handler, say, how can you tell what ctrlP
will do?  maybe the <QUOTE> key or something could unconditionally switch
typein to the editor?  and maybe there should be an inverse, which forces
a read,eval,insert regardless of cursor pos?

also, i don't think the Ibeam and the blick make it very clear who is going to
get my typein.  maybe the blick should mutate if evaluating input?

also, <CLEAR INPUT> key can clobber output (e.g. prompt chars) on the last line.

is metaX LISP a good way to turn off ztoppage?  it leaves a (sometimes
blinking) Ibeam sometimes.

(there should be a BUG-ZWEIBACK for us novice users to drool into.)