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In system 44.3, with microcode 692, on LISP Machine Two:

  Is it at all feasible to have the editor recognize forms of the nature:

(DEFxxxxx YYYYY ...)

as points which one might wish to reference via META-. of YYYYY ?

  I have no idea of the current mechanisms involved, and realize this might
be completely out in left field when it comes to implementation. However it
would be able to handle any new extensions as they came along [eg DEFMETHOD,
DEFFLAVOR, DEFSTRUCT]. I seem to recall discussions of the special casing which 
was needed for these(?)  This also would allow the user to access such structures
of his own making, DEFLAYOUT in Dpl for instance, or the case I just encountered
DEF-CTEST which I use for the chip-tester.