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    Date: Wed ,1 Oct 80 21:09:00 EDT
    From: BAK at MIT-AI (William A. Kornfeld)
    To: (BUG ZWEI) at MIT-AI

    In system 44.3, with microcode 692, on LISP Machine One:

    If you type Meta-Alt and then mark a section of the buffer that you wish
    to move down in the mini-buffer to modify and evaluate, The screen can
    be marked OK with the mouse, but the Meta-W command loses.  Since it is
    possible to move text between two editor buffers in this manner I see no
    reason (other than randomness) why it should not work here.
The command you are looking for is two clicks in rapid succession on the
middle button of the mouse.  The reason m-W typed in the minibuffer
says "There is no region" is because there is no region marked in the
minibuffer, only in the other buffer.