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Blinking character mouse is pointing at

Well, the reason I think it is obnoxious is that if you leave the mouse
in a totally out-of-the-way place, it rewards you by putting a box around a
whole line of text somewhere.

You know all the hair we go through to keep the region from being
underlined when you aren't interested?  Well, the mouse should be like
that too.  This is a high-level goal of course, and I'm not giving
any specific means.  BUT, I think that boxing a single character
is definitely better than blinking the character the way it has for
a long time.  The box is a lot better.  Also, I am still strongly in
favor of a completely uniform convention for mouse sensitivity and I
like boxing more than anything else I've seen.

As a first step, make it never box lines; just box a character if you
are on it, otherwise do nothing.  There isn't much point in boxing
the whole line if you aren't also going to go into some kind of line
mode and do things differently because of it.