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In the version of ZWEI on system 40.1, with microcode 684, on LISP Machine Seven:
I did a second Compile File, after trying to edit compiler warnings and
having it bomb out as previously described.  This means that I started
a compilation while in two-window mode, the upper window holding the
warnings.  The POINT of the upper window was in the middle of the
error mesages from the previous compilation, and so the new errors
got inserted right in the middle of the old ones, which was confusing.
It should move POINT to EOB or something.

Also, when the compilation was finished, both of the windows had
blinking blinkers!  I think only the lower one was selected but I
can't remember; I think I moused it to make sure.

[Something weird just happened, as if the keyboard decided to do
a System E.  Maybe the above got mailed out.  I had to do a System M
followed by Continue (I am in Zmail) to get back here.]

Anyway, too bad this edit compile warning thing has bugs, as it is
otherwise a real win.