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    Date: Mon ,28 Jul 80 03:38:00 EDT
    From: Zvona at MIT-AI (David Chapman)
    To: (BUG ZWEI) at MIT-AI

    In system 32.3, with microcode 674, on LISP Machine One:
    Doing a m-. on a function with a ? in the name is impossible
    (except maybe using octal escape) because c-q ? documents c-q. 
    The whole business of squeezing two unrelated commands into this
    one character is a real screw.
c-Q in the minibuffer should be just quote.  Or c-Q should always quote
any character whose current command binding is not self-insert
(*standard-command*) even if that character is a various quantities
command.  Eventually though these commands should be moved to hyper or
super keys in some fashion.