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First note that ZMAIL has been moved into the ZMAIL; directory, since it
kept crowding things in NZWEI;.  Below are some random timings from on a
machine with 256K.  In general response is quite satisfactory in this
mode, especially noticeable is the lack of paging in the mouse process
when moving among different windows.

What				128K		192K		256K

Loading up			10-15 mins			< 5 mins
(ZMAIL) to TYI			4 secs		4 secs		1-2 secs
Pop up filter frame, no change	5 secs				1 sec
Pop up filter frame, changes	10 secs		7 secs		3 secs
[FORM]				10 secs		7 secs		3 secs
Into filter definition mode	45 secs		7 secs		5 secs
Into reply mode			15 secs		7 secs		5 secs
Grinding in definition mode	7 secs		3 secs		< 1 sec
Sorting messages and redisplay	5 secs		3 secs		1-2 secs
Changing keywords and redisplay	3 secs				< 1 sec