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In system 32.2, with microcode 674, on LISP Machine One:

Clicking Left calls the cursor to the mouse.  Clicking Left Hold
does the same, except that it sets a mark there too so that you can 
delimit a region by moving the mouse around.

Weird behavior:  the mark is set ONLY if the mouse is moved from the
original character during the long click.  Probably the code waits for
it to move off home plate before setting the mark, without even paying 
attention to how long the button is held down.

I find myself thinking things like "I'll click here, and hold the button
down to make sure the mark is set, and then move the cursor over here..."
So once, I just leaned on the button to set the mark, thinking that I wouild
use META/] to delimit the region.  Of course the mark didn't get set.

Maybe it would be right for the deciding factor to be the length of the click.
It would certainly be easier to document.