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In ZWEI in MIT-Specific 18.1, System 93.29, ZMail 49.9, microcode 226,
gc@2, on Ford Prefect:

The sequence of events (more complicated this time):
   Again I try Meta-X Edit Word Abbrevs, this time I already have some to edit.
    calls (zwei:create-interval nil nil t) => zwei:*INTERVAL* (a zwei:node in this case);
then calls
    calls (zwei:interval-stream z:*interval*) => z:stream;
then calls ...
([z:stream] ':string-out ...)
(z:insert ...) calls
(z:undo-save-small-new-change ...) because z:*undo-save-small-changes* is set;
(z:buffer-modified-p z:*interval*)
([z:*INTERVAL*] ':modified-p) does
(> z:tick ([z:*window*] ':base-tick)),
  where z:tick (an instance-variable of *interval*) is NIL.