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tag tables, revisited

In ZWEI in MIT-Specific 18.1, System 93.44, ZMail 49.18, microcode 226,
on Lisp Machine Twenty-five:

When I visit a tags table that was updated with Tags Rescan under Emacs, if I
do a tags search, the files that are Find File'd are ps:<foo>foobar.del.0, not
just foobar.del.  So if I already have the latest version of the file in a
buffer, that file is not searched; I get a duplicate buffer.  This takes longer
and is a pain.

If one edits non-lisp code (I find myself editing 11 code a lot, because
sometimes it's not clear if the bug is on the 11 or on the lisp machine) in
Zwei, it doesn't help much to use a tags table, because there's no Find Tag.
It would be nice if there were, seeing as one can do a Visit Tag Table anyway.

There's also no Tags Rescan, although that's asking a bit much.