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    Date: Wednesday, 20 April 1983, 22:33-EST
    From: Barry Margolin <barmar at MIT-MULTICS>
    BTW, why am I only allowed two windows, when both Multics and ITS Emacs
    (the latter with the WINDOW package loaded) allow an arbitrary number?
    I realize that I could use the mouse to create them, but it is
    convenient being able to switch between them with ^X commands.

Try M-X (or C-M-X, I don't remember) Split Screen.  It is a menu driven
screen partitioner.  Actually, I don't like the way it behave too much
since, when told to make more than two windows, it divides the screen
horizontally.  I suppose it would not be hard to change this, but I've
never had enough interest to bother looking at the code.