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Delete file of an offline file

    Date: Wednesday, 18 May 1983, 00:30-EDT
    From: Henry Lieberman <Henry@MIT-OZ>
    In Release 4.1, System 222.186, Hardcopy 11.14, Zmail 74.43, LMFS 30.26,
    site configuration 19, Vanilla, on Lisp Machine Twenty-two:

    I had a file which migrated offline. I wanted to delete it so a program
    wouldn't try to load it. I did Meta-X Delete File and it complained
    "File is off line". 

The error occurs when the Delete File command probes the file to find out its
truename to include in the prompt it gives for whether to delete it.  I fixed
this bug in the Twenex file server in the copy of the source on SCRC.  Will
merge with OZ and XX sources, test, and install some day when I have time.