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Fill Long Comment.

    David L. Andre <DLA at SCRC-TENEX>, CMB at SCRC-VIXEN
Cc: BUG-zwei at MIT-OZ, doc-changes at SCRC-TENEX
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             The message of 21 Dec 83 11:27-EST from David L. Andre <DLA at SCRC-TENEX>,
             The message of 22 Dec 83 15:39-EST from CMB at SCRC-VIXEN
Message-ID: <831222220156.5.MMcM@SCRC.SCRC.Symbolics>

    Date: Thursday, 20 October 1983, 02:49-EDT
    From: David Vinayak Wallace <Gumby at MIT-OZ>

    Could M-X Fill Long Comment be fixed to act more like M-Q?
    Specifically, if I have a set of comments delineated by whilespace, it
    should treat the whitespace like a paragraph break, and only
    comment-fill the "paragraph" I'm editing.  I could get the old behaviour
    by marking a region.

    Date: 21 Dec 1983 1127-EST
    From: David L. Andre <DLA@SCRC-TENEX>

    3.  M-X Fill Long Comment should only fill one paragraph, as with m-Q.
    (my only argumet is consistency...)

In the source.  Paragraphs are delimited by blank lines (or blank comment
lines), but not changes in indentation.

    Date: Thursday, 22 December 1983, 15:39-EST
    From: CMB at SCRC-VIXEN

    When it computes the minimum comment width, it should ignore lines that
    contain only the comment character.  Does this make sense?

This is a side effect of the above.