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Holding Down Mouse-Middle In Text Mode

    Date: Monday, 16 January 1984, 16:11-EST
    From: Mike McMahon <MMcM at SCRC-TENEX>
    Subject: Holding Down Mouse-Middle In Text Mode
    To: JCMA at MIT-OZ
    Cc: BUG-zmacs at MIT-OZ
    In-reply-to: The message of 14 Jan 84 04:51-EST from JCMA at MIT-OZ
    Message-ID: <840116161124.0.MMcM@SCRC.SCRC.Symbolics>

	Date: Saturday, 14 January 1984, 04:51-EST

	Holding down mouse-middle only puts a words and lines in a region.
	It does lines only when the mouse is at the end of the line.

	* It would nice if holding down mouse middle in text mode would establish a
	  region containing the current sentence the mouse is over.
    You can point at the period to get this.
I can't get that behavior out of our rel 5.0

	* It would be even nice if it knew about paragraphs and marked them when
	  the mouse is at the beginning or end of the paragraph.

    It's supposed to.  But it got broken by the conversion to mode flavors.
    Fixed in the source.