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Mouse selection problems with mutiple editors

In ZWEI in Release 5.0 [Beta Test rev 7], FEP 18, on Lisp Machine Keith Moon (3600):

When there are several editor frames around and one tries to select an
editor frame by (accidentally) clicking in its minibuffer/echo area,
the new frame does not get selected properly and bizarre behavior
ensues.  Is this a known bug?  (RMS fixed this problem in the MIT system
months ago by introducing "selection substitutes").  The "enclosed"
scenario should illustrate this lossage.

	Tim McNerney
	<TIM at MIT-MC>

To set up the losing scenario:

1. Select the editor with Select E and read in some random file.

2. Create a second editor frame with Select Control-E.

3. Move this new frame over to partially expose the first editor frame,
   (presumably through the system menu -> Edit Screen -> Move window...)

4. Single-click-Left on the minibuffer/echo area of the first editor frame
   (the partially obscured one)

Once you are in the losing state, indicated by a flashing cursor in
the minibuffer area, do any of the following:

A. Type Control-X

   Notice that the other editor frame gets temporarily selected and 
   the "Control-X" is echoed in the wrong minibuffer/echo area.
   Typing the letter F, returns us the braindamaged editor frame,
   but the other editor frame is waiting for input.  Typing the
   letter B will satiate the query.

B. Single-click-left somewhere in the associated "main" editor window

   Notice that the point moves but the cursor does not flash.

C. Type something

   Notice that it does not get inserted in the buffer.  Selecting the
   other editor frame reveals that your typing got inserted in the
   wrong buffer.