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Default Font is not saved when changing buffers.

    Date: Sunday, 20 January 1985, 17:35-EST
    From: Christopher Eliot <CRE at SANCHO-PANZA>

    In Symbolics 3600 ZWEI in System 242.356, Hardcopy 20.10,
    Experimental Xqsim 33.0, FEP 18, on Lisp Machine Sancho Panza:

    Changing buffers resets the default font from its current value
    to the first one in the font-map.  This is lossage.  The default font
    should be remembered on a buffer by buffer basis and restored to 
    its previous value when you re-select a buffer. 

This is a known bug that is on the list.  Fixing it is going to require
a change to the implementation of windows, but it will get attention
soon.  Thanks for the report.