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mouse turds after SUSPEND

Synopsis:  This report is a little sketchy, but we infer that you mean
that if the mouse is pointing to something in the editor pane such that
a hollow box is being generated, then if the typeout window is drawn
over the editor pane, the box is not erased.  Sometimes the box
disappears as soon as the mouse is moved, sometimes it is more stubborn.

This problem received quite a bit of attention about a year ago.  The
interactions between various windows in Zwei contexts were improved
quite a bit, but this particular problem proved to be very stubborn.
Fixing it completely appears possibly to necessitate a redesign of these
structures of windows, which would be prohibitive.  However, it is on
the list of known problems.  Thanks for the report.

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    Date: Thursday, 28 March 1985, 03:31-EST
    From: David Vinayak Wallace <Gumby at MIT-MC>

    In Symbolics 3600 Zwei in Release 6.0, AISite 7.0,
    microcode TMC5-MIC 319, FEP 18, on Lisp Machine Jimi Hendrix:
    (SI:FULL-GC :SYSTEM-RELEASE T)'s since release of system: 1

    When I hit suspend on my screen and it leaves the mouse rectangle on the
    screen, even though the mouse or the typeout have moved.