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List syntax of characters in Text Mode

    Date: Friday, 22 February 1985, 17:59-EST
    From: Henry Lieberman <Henry at OZ>

    In Symbolics 3600 System 242.356, Hardcopy 20.10, FEP 22, on Lisp Machine Jim Morrison:

    I have in my Zwei init file ...

	   ;; Change the syntax table to understand [], {} as lists.

    This works fine in 5.2, but in Release 6 it only seems to affect Lisp mode
    and not Text mode. I would like the list syntax for these characters to 
    be effective all the time.

Well, I just discovered that I had never answered this message.  Sorry.

Back in the pre-3600 days, someone decided that these things called
"sparse syntax tables" would be a good way to save space in Zwei.
Sparse syntax tables are a list of a syntax table, and some changes to
it; they were quite a bit slower than normal syntax tables.  So I
removed them, and sectionization became 10-15% faster (and a few other
things as well) at the cost of a few pages of virtual memory and this

What you need to do is to mung the other syntax tables you want to
change, by hand.