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Strange File Lossage

[Whole report enclosed for reference.]

    Date: Tue, 2 Jul 85 09:38 EDT
    From: Thomas Reinhardt <Tomr@OZ>

    In Symbolics 3600 ZWEI in Release 6.0, IP-TCP 29.0, AISite 9.4,
    microcode TMC5-MIC 319, on Lisp Machine Apiary-9:

    Does Anybody know why this happens??  This seems to occur randomly.  It isn't
    directory specific, though.  I sent a report on the same phenomenon several
    months ago, but we were unable to resolve anything...largely because this
    occurs so randomly and seldolmly.

    I'd appreciate any ideas.

It's certainly hard to say, since you didn't include such context as the
name of the file in question.  I can make some assumptions: your complaint
is that a file is getting smashed with a lot of center-dot characters when
you copy it from one machine to another (rather than some other complaint,
e.g. that your editor spontaneously changes from containing the correct
text to containing the garbage you enclosed), the file is being copied to
a Lisp machine, the namespace entry for the Lisp machine includes the
entry SERVICE FILE xxx NEW-FILE.  If all these assumptions are true, the
bug is a known one and is one of the reasons that we did not tell customers
to turn on that service.  Whoever turned it on at MIT should turn it back
off until you get a release where it works.

If my assumptions are incorrect, please let me know.  Thanks.

      (LET ((NEW-TARGET (COND ;;have to check for a Forwarding Actor here
			  (T ;;otherwise vanilla Actor, had better be a Communication
	    ;;verifying thGET) 

    PS> Def-Safe-Subst is just a macro that expands into a defsubst and wraps its
    args in a Let to guard against multiple/out-of-order evaluation.

    Thanks again.